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Successfully Wild Episode 1955: Upshift, Downshift

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Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter a few “Expensive Abby” baseball column, Andrew McCutchen’s return to Pittsburgh, Nelson Cruz signing with San Diego, the Dodgers reacquiring Miguel Rojas, catcher deking and the ball-strike problem system, and inaccurate outfield-fence distances, observe up on Toronto hen tenders (and the way a brand new Canadian legislation might have an effect on the Blue Jays), the tendency for followers to view baseball from the batter’s perspective, and some extra methods wherein baseball is uncommon amongst sports activities, adopted (57:04) by a Stat Blast replace on Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt, and prolific putout tandems, a brand new Stat Blast about J.J. Hardy, Scott Rolen, and gamers who solely ever performed one defensive place, and a Previous Blast from 1955. Then (1:21:28) they speak to Mike Petriello of concerning the results he thinks MLB’s new positioning restrictions can have, the best way to decide whether or not the shift ban “labored,” how he thinks groups will play protection, whether or not hitters ought to modify their approaches, which particular person hitters and groups could possibly be helped or hindered, and his ideas on the opposite new guidelines adjustments.

Audio intro: The Smithereens, “Dear Abby
Audio interstitial: Smith Westerns, “Only One
Audio outro: Lyres, “Swing Shift

Link to “Dear Abby” column
Hyperlink to FG put up on Cruz
Link to LASIK study
Hyperlink to FG put up on Rojas
Hyperlink to FG put up on Fujinami
Link to “gamer babe” discussion
Link to The Classical on “gamer babe”
Link to “gamer babe” name change
Link to “gamer babe” Giants post
Link to Cutch hype video
Link to Cutch offers report
Link to Defector on “furries” tweets
Link to Anthrocon site
Link to Céspedes BBQ tweet
Link to LASIK study
Link to Hannah Keyser on ABS
Link to ESPN ABS report
Link to Tango on deking
Link to laser measurements story
Link to Miggy reaction
Link to Woodberry laser tweets
Link to Comerica flies montage
Link to Tango on Comerica barrels
Link to Tango HR estimate
Hyperlink to FG put up on Tigers hitters
Link to ballpark homogenization
Link to Belt on chicken tenders
Link to Toronto Ritz menu
Link to “Avocado Factor”
Link to Sportsnet article
Link to baseball idioms wiki
Link to idioms classification
Link to preorder Russell’s book
Link to Episode 1616 Stat Blast
Link to Episode 1616 putout duos
Link to Posnanski on Hardy
Link to one-position-player data
Link to Ryan Nelson’s Twitter
Link to Kenny Jackelen’s Twitter
Hyperlink to FG put up on Andrus
Link to 2002 Rollins game story
Link to Rollins in 2017 ST
Link to Snoopy’s Joe Cool
Link to 1955 story source
Link to SABR on Zimmer’s beaning
Link to info on Peltzman Effect
Link to Craig Wright on first helmets
Link to Wright on modern helmets
Link to Jacob Pomrenke’s website
Link to Jacob Pomrenke on Twitter
Link to Mike on Seager
Link to SIS on Seager
Link to helped-hitters article
Link to not-helped-hitters article
Link to free agents and the shift
Link to “pie slice” rule
Link to Gleeman on Kepler
Link to lowest-BABIP players
Link to SNY on McNeil
Hyperlink to FG put up on righty shifts
Link to Tango on spray angle
Link to Tango on layered hit prob.
Link to Ballpark Dimensions

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