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Successfully Wild Episode 1999: Meet a Maggi Leaguer

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Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Drew Maggi’s main league debut and whether or not there ought to be a manner for different journeyman minor leaguers to make the majors extra simply, the story of short-lived Mariners mascot Spacey the House Needle, the causes of a dramatic uptick in occurrences of catcher’s interference, Shohei Ohtani’s anti-pitch-tipping prowess, Jordan Walker’s demotion to the minors, the sluggish begins of the Cardinals and White Sox, and extra, plus (1:17:03) a Previous Blast from 1999 and a query about celebrities on main league rosters.

Audio intro: Harold Walker, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Liz Panella, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to video of Maggi’s debut
Link to article about Maggi’s debut
Link to Reddit post about Spacey
Link to 1990 Spacey article
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Link to 1999 Spacey article
Link to video of stilts pitching
Link to video of stilts hitting
Link to Ben on pitcher roster limits
Hyperlink to Jay Jaffe on Ray
Link to interference spreadsheet
Link to CI at B-Ref
Link to CI rule info
Hyperlink to Jeff on CI in 2017
Hyperlink to Jeff on Ellsbury
Link to Emma on Senzel
Link to reach-on-error article
Link to Ben on one-knee framing
Link to knee-down catching info
Link to Grandal on CI
Link to Grandal on CI again
Link to Jake & Jordan on CI
Link to 2022 2-CI inning
Link to 2023 2-CI inning
Link to pitch-tipping post
Link to Suarez tweet
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Link to Walker pitch types
Link to article on Walker demotion
Link to other Walker article
Hyperlink to FG on the Cardinals OF
Link to playoff odds changes
Link to 1998 Past Blast source
Link to Past Blast source, cont’d.
Link to AP piece on Brooks
Link to B-Ref Bullpen on Brooks
Link to Sam on baseball embarassment
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack

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